The Autonomous Manufacturing Lab at University College London (AML-UCL) explores the integration of multi-robot collaboration within manufacturing, construction and architecture. Based in the Faculty of Engineering (Department of Computer Science) the multidisciplinary team specialises in digital design, robotics and computer science research, developing innovative methods for bespoke fabrication and large-scale interaction with a focus on construction. 

Examples of current research includes multi-agent distributed robotics for on-site and off-site building construction, including involvement in the Aerial Additive Building Manufacturing (Aerial ABM)  EPSRC funded research project in collaboration with Imperial College, University of Bath, and the Architectural Association, where the AML-UCL is developing a heterogenous robotics control framework that enables UGVs and UAVs to collectively build and design structures in real-time through behaviour-based robotic protocols. 

As part of the UCL Institute for Robotics (a cross-faculty initiative between Engineering Sciences and the Bartlett School of Architecture), AML-UCL leverages dedicated infrastructure at UCL HereEast and expertise spanning research activities in: real-time robotics, teleoperation, computer vision, machine learning, computational modelling, multi-modal sensing, metrology, and control to develop the next generation of autonomous multi-agent systems that move beyond human capabilities in manufacturing. Research conducted within AML-UCL is complimented by a sister lab at the University of Pennsylvania (AML-PENN).